An update to our Journey in Sustainability

Authenticity is a core value of Baabuk, and with that comes transparency about our operations. Following our core values we’re excited to share with you some of the latest updates on our sustainability journey.

  • New Technologies. We’ve implemented new tools such as Footprint Technologies and AllAxis 3D Visual Spinner. By providing customers with accurate pre-purchase sizing information & a realistic view of the shoe, we aim to reduce returns and curb carbon emissions. Our objective is to not only enhance your shopping experience but also contribute to a more sustainable operation.

  • Recycling Programme and USA Resale Platform: We are committed to accelerating our circular economy participation. This year, we launched our Recycling Programme in Europe for individual customers and reseller partners. Additionally, we have introduced The Marketplace by Baabuk - a resale platform for US customers, which helps give a second-life to worn Baabuk products. These programmes help reduce the dependency on raw materials, promoting a more responsible approach to consumption.

  • Repair Kits for Durability: We strongly believe in creating products that stand the test of time. But even durable materials break down with extended wear, which is why we continue to offer our Repair Kits, providing an opportunity to extend the lifespan of your Baabuk items. By investing in durable products, we reduce waste and reliance on fast-fashion.

  • Innovative Upcycling: We continuously strive to find creative solutions to reduce waste. Our wool-cutting waste in Nepal is now transformed into useful household products, such as our Drying Balls and Seating Mats. These unique items not only help minimise waste but also add functionality to everyday life.

Looking ahead, we have several exciting plans for the remainder of this year and beyond. Here's a glimpse of what's in store:

  • Better Materials Sourcing: In addition to our key material of wool, we are actively working on improving our materials sourcing practices. We aim to incorporate bio-cotton sourcing, natural rubber elastic laces sourcing, and develop 100% natural fibre insoles. These advancements will further enhance the sustainability credentials of our products.

  • Wool Collaborations for Change: We believe that collaboration is key to driving positive change. We are in discussions with like-minded brands to inspire and encourage the use of wool, as an alternative to burning or discarding it as is often done with the excess. By joining forces, we can make a more significant impact on the fashion industry and the environment.

At Baabuk, sustainability remains at the core of our brand. We are committed to pushing boundaries, seeking innovative solutions, and ensuring that our work contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Thank you for your continued support on this journey. We always encourage feedback and ideas - feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can help advance the brand’s sustainability goals & impact.