10k for 10 years - The results

10km Results

As you may have heard, 2023 marked a decade of Baabuk adventures! In true Baabuk style, we celebrated across the entire year with new product releases, reimagined throwbacks to older products, and much more.

Given that we’re a team of big dreamers, we wanted to mark the occasion with something huge! As a shoe company, we’re all about forward motion… and putting your best foot forward. Which is why we decided to launch a 10km race for you all to take part in.

The Challenge

We invited all forms of activity - from walking to skipping, crawling to cycling, swimming to trotting. Whatever took your fancy! And of course, some extra creativity was encouraged in terms of wild outfits and other inventive ideas.

We gave 9 months to complete the 10km challenge, in as many stints as you wanted. Participants were in with the chance to win prizes. All participants who submitted completed results also received a free wool case, perfect for holding pencils, glasses, or accessories.

And the Results Are In!

Please note, all winners and participants will be contacted separately to claim their participation prizes and awards.

Challenge Highlights

  • 4100 km travelled - Over the course of just 9 months, our participants jointly reached a total distance of over 4100 km. That’s more than 97 marathons!
  • 201.7km by one participant - The longest distance submitted by just one participant was an incredible 201.7 km accounting for just under 5% of the total distance!
  • 10km per hour - The average speed of participants in the 10km challenge was 10km/h. What a group of pace setters!
  • You walked for 400 hours -Of the 4100 km travelled, over 400 hours of this was walking. That’s almost 17 whole days!
  • 58,000m of elevation gain - And our participants didn’t stick to flat terrains. The total altitude change tracked was over 58,000m, which is over 6.5 times the height of Mount Everest.
  • 2,460m climbed in a single submission - One participant climbed 2,460m in one submission. That’s taller than Mexico City, the 7th highest city in the world!
  • 18 countries participated - The challenge had participants from almost all corners of the world! We saw submissions from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, and the USA.
  • From ages 7 to 76 - The challenge was welcome to all ages, and we saw participants from age 7 to 76. Incredible work!

Let’s Head Foot-First into 2024

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part in the 10km challenge - winners and participants will be receiving their awards and prizes very soon.

It was such a joy to go through all your amazing submissions. We truly appreciate everything you did to celebrate our 10th anniversary with us. We can’t wait for what 2024 has in store… Keep your eyes peeled!