Stay Safe. Stay Home. A message from Baabuk in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear all,

We are witnessing a strange moment. New rules are being applied that will redefine our habits and challenge our comfort zones.

In light of these changes and to ensure social distancing, we moved our family to our mountain chalet where the adventure of Baabuk started back in 2013. We began homeschooling and we're finding creative ways to pass the time with our two daughters. On one side, we should be grateful to be here and on the other side, we feel very powerless and uncertain like millions of other about what will happen tomorrow.

Logically, it feels weird at this moment to talk about shoes, exciting designs and our passion for wool. However we are a small team of 7 around the globe throughout Switzerland, France, USA and the Philippines. With our workshop in Nepal, our manufacturing partners in Portugal, our logistics partner in Switzerland, we support directly and indirectly more than 50 people. These people are in our heart and it is our duty to stay strong.

In this new reality, we will continue to think positive and contribute to a better future. That was our mission when we started our business in the first place. For the moment, our team continues to work remotely. We'll respond to messages and phone calls. Our warehouse is still open and our logistic partner still delivers packages. As the situation evolves, we'll quickly notify you if any of this changes.
Update March 23 - Our warehouse in Switzerland has slowed operations to ensure the safety of all workers. We have relocated some stock to our home and will be personally processing orders until our warehouse fully reopens. Certain products may be delayed in shipping. Products with a "DELAYED SHIPPING" label may be delayed two weeks.  Products without this tag will ship as usual. Thank you for your understanding

Please stay safe and why not use this special time to do things you always wanted to do but never had time to!

Stay well.

From Switzerland with all our hearts.

Galina & Dan