#MeetTheArtist - Ana Seixas Santos @Portugal

2023 marks 10 years of Baabuk. As part of our year-long 10th birthday celebrations, we’re launching a complete first, never-done-before, product for Baabuk. Introducing limited edition Baabuk wool T-shirts! This shirt honours and represents the source of our sneaker wool and base of sneaker production, Portugal. It features an illustration by Portuguese artist Ana Seixas Santos.

Question 01

In which way are you proud / do you feel the love for your community and soil? What is dear to you about Portugal / your region?

There are several aspects that are dear to me about our beautiful country, but what I found most loving is the warmth and hospitality of the Portuguese people, it is remarkable. The community's strong sense of togetherness and support makes me feel a deep connection and belonging.

I also love the natural landscapes of Portugal, from the rugged coastline to the lush countryside and enchanting forests, which I love to escape to whenever I can.

Also, I cannot forget: the delicious traditional food, with its hearty stews, and yummy pastries, is a reflection of the country's culinary heritage.


Question 02

What are the recurring key elements / figures about your Art? What do you want to transmit through what you draw?

In my drawings, there are several recurring elements that hold significant meaning to me. One such element is Nature. I feel deeply inspired by the beauty and harmony found in the natural world, and I often incorporate elements like flowers, plants, and animals into my illustrations. These representations of Nature serve as a reminder of the connection with our surroundings and the importance of preserving it.

Another recurring figure in my art is the human form, as a vessel of emotions and experiences. With my illustrations, I try to express these emotions through its shape and movement.

Besides those two key elements, I also try to always incorporate fun and cheerful details, either through elements with humanized expressions or abstract shapes that intentionally fill the space with fluidity.


Question 03

What about the meaning or inspiration behind your Baabuk 10Y design? What did you show / express with it?

The main inspiration for the Baabuk 10Y illustration was one of my dearest places in Portugal.

I grew up in Viseu, near Serra da Estrela, and it means a lot to me to be able to create something connected with this place.

I wanted the illustration to transmit a sense of celebration and cheerfulness for the 10 years of Baabuk, but also to include elements that would immediately transport us to Serra da Estrela, such as the shepherd dog, the sheep, the wool blanket, and the shooting stars.


Question 04

Do you remember being 10 / your 10 years old Birthday? How was it?

I don't remember turning 10 years old, but as I was born in August and we were always on vacation at that time of year. So I assume it was a happy day at the beach, enjoying the sun and playing with my sisters.

I was a happy kid, quiet, and curious about how things were made, and during vacation time I was always carrying around something to do, like drawing pencils, yarns to crochet or knit, or modeling clay to build anything I could think of. I'm sure that on my 10th birthday, I had some creative project going on, and that enthusiasm still runs as usual.


Question 05

Do you have a personal / fun / interesting story with sheep or wool to share with us? :-) Or something you want to say on this topic?

I remember when I went to visit a local ethnographic museum with my parents, and I should be around 8 or 9 years old and wanting very badly to bring home a special souvenir: a little basket with some virgin wool inside and a hand-carved spindle.

My parents got it for me and, of course, I tried to spin and twist the wool, but it was not an easy task! I remember having that object around the house for a long time :)