#MeetTheArtist - Jamie Oliver Aspinal @Switzerland

2023 marks 10 years of Baabuk. As part of our year-long 10th birthday celebrations, we’re launching a complete first, never-done-before, product for Baabuk. Introducing limited edition Baabuk wool T-shirts! This shirt honours and represents our home base of Switzerland with an illustration by Swiss artist, Jamie Aspinall.

Question 01

In which way are you proud / do you feel the love for your community and soil? What is dear to you about Switzerland/ your region?

I love Switzerland for its breathtaking nature, transparency, and well-organized society. The opportunity to hike in this wonderful country brings me great joy as I thoroughly enjoy spending time in Nature.


Question 02

What are the recurring key elements / figures about your Art? What do you want to transmit through what you draw?

In my art, I prefer clear forms as they can be remarkably expressive. Often, it doesn't take much to visually convey a thought. 

I love observing how entire worlds come to life through order and structure. The main content of my works usually revolves around silence, respect for Nature, and the fleeting moment of tranquility and contentment.


Question 03

What about the meaning or inspiration behind your Baabuk 10Y design? What did you show / express with it?

The idea behind my Baabuk 10Y design was to symbolize the connection between two people, even when they are spatially distant from each other. 

The two mountain peaks represent this distance. It signifies a celebration but a shared celebration amidst Nature. 

At the same time, I wanted to emphasize Baaabuk's affinity for Nature and convey a serene atmosphere that is personally dear to me.     


Question 04

Do you remember being 10 / your 10 years old Birthday? How was it?

Honestly, no.  But I grew up in the canton of Solothurn, and in the city of Solothurn, the number 11 holds special significance. There are 11 churches and chapels, 11 fountains, and 11 towers. When you turned 11 years old, you would receive something for free at some restaurant ;-D


Question 05

Do you have a personal / fun / interesting story with sheep or wool to share with us? :-) Or something you want to say on this topic?

During a visit to my relatives in Wales, who own 400 sheep, my brother and I wanted to try out our new rugby ball and entered the sheep pasture. 

Suddenly, our uncle came running towards us, waving his arms wildly. It turned out that we had accidentally ended up in the pasture with the ram! 

Fortunately, he hadn't seen us, or else our rugby game could have ended badly.