Our Warehouse at Home - Operational Update


Our warehouse will now re-open and orders will ship on our standard timetable. Thank you for your support!

Dear all,

We hope you are all safe, wherever you are. Our team is safe and we are putting our minds together to find ways to support each other, our partners, and all those in our communities. We continue to work on skype, whatsapp and phone calls. Never before has been the communication and connection among our team been so intense.

Last week, we had a call with the team in Nepal where we explained the importance of social distancing and started to put safety measures in place in the workshop. At that time, Nepal had only 2 confirmed cases and there was not much communication being shared locally. The team was unaware of the severity of the situation. Three days later, the Nepalese government imposed a complete lockdown. All vehicles, except those transporting foodstuff and other essential goods, could not operate. At this time, all members of our Nepal workshop are safe at home.

Here in Switzerland, we have faced another challenge. Our central warehouse, which ships our goods all over the world, has temporarily closed. We value our partnership with our warehouse, which employs local people with disabilities, and we support their decision to put the safety of workers first, many of whom are at high-risk.

In order for us to continue operating, we moved stock from our warehouse and installed a new warehouse in our mountain chalet with a few of the bestsellers. While the warehouse remains closed, we will personally be packing and shipping new orders from our basement. On our website, we have marked the products which we can ship immediately and others which we will ship with up to a two-week delay. In these difficult times, we're focused on staying operational, staying healthy, and staying positive. We're also using this experience to have some fun and create memories with



Safety remains our top priority. Here are few steps we are taking to ensure this process remains safe for our family, our logistical partners, and our customers:

  • Dan will pack the shoes daily, using gloves at all times and regularly washing hands.
  • The shoes are placed on our parking platform where the UPS driver will pick up the packaged. We do not need to go to any post office or make personal contact with any delivery partner
  • UPS has created strict rules for their employees to stay safe. This includes limiting contact with goods and using protective materials.

Next week, we will receive the new spring collection. It will arrive directly to our chalet where we will begin packing and shipping pre-orders.


Stay safe!

Galina & Dan