Reflecting on the "You Care, We Care" Donation Program

We launched the ‘You Care, We Care’ Donation Program in March as a small way to help support the modern-day heroes who continue to make personal sacrifices for the rest of us. From doctors and nurses, to store clerks and delivery persons – our Donation Program was designed to provide a bit of comfort at the end of long days.

When we launched the Program, we weren’t sure what the result would be. But, like always, the Baabuk community came through and extended a generous amount of support. We’ve received over 150 contributions from customers around the world. Thanks to you and your generosity, we’ve been able to supply frontline workers here in Switzerland with pairs of slippers – a small but hopefully meaningful gift of gratitude for their courageous work.

Thanks to your continued support, and beyond the Donation Program, we've also been able to maintain the entire Baabuk team. Your support during this time hasn’t just helped a brand weather this storm, but you’ve in-turn helped our team and families from Switzerland, Nepal, France, the Philippines, and USA. We’re extremely thankful for that.

The world has not yet fully healed and there is still much work to be done. But with each passing day, we’re seeing more optimism and positivity. We now begin to phase-out the ‘You Care, We Care’ Program. Because of its success, we have started discussing how we could prolong it one way or another. We feel that beyond the global pandemic, our society's modern-day heroes could use a little extra support. If you have suggestions or ideas, please share them with us. We hope to announce our next phase soon

Lastly if you or someone you know is a frontline worker during the global crisis, please contact We have a few remaining pairs of slippers to distribute and would love to hear from you.